Day 30 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 21, 2019

It was crucial this morning that I finished the calls to all the clients within The WP Aid filter on Active Campaign.

I managed to get hold of many clients but they all informed me that we were not ready to progress forwards.

Although I didn't receive any of the results that I was hoping for, it meant that I had moved a step forwards for each client and will be a process that I will be continuously working on.

We are also not receiving many service reminders to be able to completely fill our engineers diary, therefore I am having to work with what we have within the sent folder.

I sent out more service reminder emails to those that I have previously been in contact with but have not clarified whether they would like to use our services or not. It is important that I carry on working these as it is something everyone needs to have done.

Richard always refers to it as being the same as when your car is due an MOT.

There were a couple of invoicing within the boiler servicing folder on...

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Day 29 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 20, 2019

Today I will be continuing to upload the last of the content to our website that will be launching very soon!

I had to convert some of the workbooks to a PDF file in order for members to be able to view them.

I then completed my daily duties and made some calls for the boiler company as our engineers diary had plenty of space that needed to be filled!

The one thing that I have learnt within the boiler business is communication is key! Especially between our engineer and us this end so we can follow up any quotes that Alan may have made or appointments that are now not being attended for various reasons.

Richard has showed me a demo this morning on through our CRM ‘Active Campaign’ in which he has filtered our different clients who require a follow up for each business such as, WP Aid, Lead Gen Academy and One2One which is the Coaching that Richard offers to businesses. This encourages to help them aim to gain more leads and the different ways they would be able to do so....

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Day 28- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 20, 2019

Today It is my role to begin to assist with the preparation that is being made for our ‘ Lead Gen Summit’ which will be taking place in a few weeks time and is one of our biggest events that we hold, which is very scary for me and means I need to be on the ball ready to welcome 200 attendees!

Scary right? Considering I normally only deal with up to 60 attendees that come to our monthly workshops!

I have chased up one of Richards contacts in regards to making changes to our Lead Gen Info booklet.

I will be mainly focusing on dealing with daily enquiries that come from ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7”

For the rest of the day I will be building on our new website that will be launching very soon.

I will be uploading all of our live recording that we have done at each event kindly done by one of our members.

This is for the use of our members and will be included in the ‘Lead Gen Academy Membership package’.

I have also uploaded an electronic copy of our...

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Day 23- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 15, 2019

Today it is crucial that I receive as much feedback as possible as well as completing all the tasks that Richard has set me.

He is in London all day with no access to emails or texts meaning that I have to make executive decisions by myself! 

This scares me as I have never had confidence within the work that I do!

I have invoices to ensure that have been completed for the boiler servicing company as well as enquiries to follow up!

It is hard as our engineer Alan is off work today and tomorrow when customers require urgent assistance whether it is an answer or their service certificate.

I have made lots of calls today but I have found that many people are giving me short answers as they are unable to speak for very long.

Due to this I have decided to send out email to those that have not responded to my calls, meaning when they have time they will be able to email me back a review of how they felt.

It was crucial that I got a final email out today for one of our clients...

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Day 27- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 15, 2019

My first tasks this morning was to continue billing the receipts and invoices from ‘The Lead Gen Academy’. 

I felt it was a simple task to complete although there were a couple of invoices which were different that I required a bit of assistance with.

Richard had also given me a long list of people that he would like to see in for a One-to-One meeting that he meets with every week at BNI, meaning it was my role to get this arranged.

Many people also required information about our next big event that will be taking place in three weeks time.

It was crucial for me today to chase those who still have not responded to my email with feedback from The Lead Gen Academy Workshop. We feel it is important to be able to get a score from every attendee to allow us to work out the overall NPS.

Today I made a few calls to estate agents to arrange viewings for this afternoon and tomorrow morning on behalf of Richard as they are looking to move house. This was something I had never...

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Day 26- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 15, 2019

Due to only being able to upload one of my blogs yesterday, it meant that this morning I needed to focus on getting them all uploaded after I had been through my various email accounts to deal with enquiries that I had.

Once I had began uploading them it became more simple and I was able to upload them all. 

To upload my blogs we use a software called 'Kajabi' which is how we access the backend of our website.

I will need to go through them all and proof-read them once more before the website goes live to ensure my grammar and wording is correct.

After I had completed this task, I followed up one of our suppliers to see whether he still held the format for our Lead Gen Academy info pack, which would mean we could keep the format the same and we can just edit the text. 

He got back to me to say that he does still have it and would be able to do this for us in preparation for our ‘Lead Gen Summit’.

I processed all the billing receipts using Xero that we had for...

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Day 25- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today has been a very successful day for both Me and Richard.

Richard had many one-to-ones and closed all deals with each clients that were happy to join on board The Lead Gen Academy after attending our workshop last Thursday which was excellent!

It was my role today to chase those that were yet to pay off their invoices that had received our services this month! 

For those that were using our services for the first time this month were not set up on Xero which meant that I had to create their accounts to then send them over their invoices.

We also had many enquiries that I had to resolve for example, we had a couple of customers who have had their boilers fixed but required Alan to go back as they had to discover other problems! 

One customer presumed that our engineer would return for no cost, this mean that I had to explain that if it was the same recurring issue then it is classed as a ‘recall’ in which we do not charge for as it would mean that Alan would...

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Day 24- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

This morning I began my morning going through emails and answering enquiries from both emails.

I have also had an email set up for being able to access Richards diary which will allow me to add in One-to-One bookings and see his availability.

Me and Richard had a catch up this morning as I had not seen him since Thursday due to him being in London.

We began briefly reviewing our feedback that we had received back in order to outline some changes that could be implemented for the next upcoming events.

We have planned to sit down and discuss it in further detail as soon as we have received feedback from all attendees.

I have now got all feedback from the members that attended meaning I am just waiting on the majority of guests.

It is crucial that they respond and get booked in for a one-to-one appointment with Richard in order to discuss their personal business and what we could do to assist them in growing their business.

Today I have been able to book in a few one-to-ones and our...

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Day 22- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today I will be focusing on receiving feedback from all the attendees from our Workshop yesterday.

Gaining feedback is crucial as there is always improvements to be made in order to improve our events for our attendees.

I made calls out to every attendee but i feel as though I haven't received as much feedback as I hoped to.

This is due to people being busy within their business which means i will then follow the calls up on Monday in order to ensure were gaining everyone's feedback as well as a net promoter score.

I have also dealt with multiple boiler service enquiries today.

I feel as though it is important that me and Richard sit down and review all the feedback to know what we can implement to make it more beneficial and worthwhile for all attendees, especially as for them to attend, it consists of them having to cross a whole day out of their diary.

Today It was interesting to see how people felt about the event as the content that was presented was very complex!.

I will be...

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Day 21- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 14, 2019

Today is the day of our event meaning I will not have loads to write about as I will be checking attendees in and listening to all the content that is being presented. 

I got to work and set up my laptop as well as ensured that there were enough booklets placed out and enough seats.

I got some spare chairs and placed them next to me as well as having a spare stack of work booklets on my desk for those who may come without confirming as well as the late comers.

Jake who is our ninja that also runs The Lead Gen Academy with Richard was able to link Active Campaign to Eventbrite using a software called Zapier. Which meant that when I signed guests in on the Eventbrite app it notifies active campaign and adds a tag to their profile to say that they attended February's event. This was also part of his ninja funnel demo and presented his automations that he had created.

This helps us to know which guests attended due to them only being allowed to attend one event as well as having a...

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