Day 31 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 25, 2019

Richard informed me last night that this morning he would like me to get in contact with ‘Enterprise M3’ this morning to organise a meeting or a call between one of their employees and himself.

This was my first task for this morning. I was unable to get through to the growth hub based in Guildford so it diverted me to one based up north. They took the message and my details and I was informed that they would get the Guildford branch to give me a call. I am still yet to hear from them.

If I do not hear back from them by the time I go home, I will be contacting them tomorrow.

Richard had met with one of the managers who works for the same company that I use to work for and I'm still currently doing my apprenticeship through them.

He met him this morning at BNI which is a weekly networking event. It was my task to get in contact with him and organise a date for him and Richard to meet for a coffee to discuss if there is anything we could do for them, such as Richard offers training and coaching for marketing purposes. 

Now that I have uploaded all of my blogs, I now need to ensure that I have included some kind of image to each to make it more presentable and interesting. When I first began blogging when I had first started, Richard snapped a few pictures of me which he uploaded along with my first three blogs. I hate having my picture taken!!!!

I now need to go through and find some relatable images for each one of my blogs. This is something that is classed as a ‘B task’. This is something that needs to be done but is not a matter of urgency.

I uploaded a few more pictures today for my blogs but i am struggling to get images that are suitable and go with what I have been blogging about.

We had one boiler service reminder that came through this morning, I contacted them and they were very much interested in using our services again this year and we're keen to book in but they were on a family day out and requested that I phoned back tomorrow to complete the booking.

We have had multiple bookings that have come through today though via customers booking through the website as well as using our call centre. which is good!

We currently only have one engineer working for us and we are starting to look at bringing potential engineers in for interviews. It was my role today to go through all the applications that we had received after Richard sent out a campaign last month.

I worked through the funnels on active campaign on Tuesday but did not receive any responses. I then went back through them and called each client. I managed to get many responses today which was good. 

This included me sending over some people within our CRM more information on pur summit that will be taking place in a few weeks!.

We have ‘The Business Expo’ Next week and we are having name tags printed off for our attendees. 

I sent over the guest list to one of our clients who will be dealing with it for us and getting them printed off. I had to find out the names of those who are bringing an additional guest with them as well as the company names which will also be included on the badge.

I also need to organise getting some flyers printed off for us to hand out at ‘The Business Expo’ which promotes our free website offer.

I am still yet to receive promotion videos from two of our keynote speakers for the summit which i tried chasing today.

Paige x