Day 33 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2019

It has been another day of focusing on smaller projects but also some new projects

I have also given Richard some ideas of things we could implement for ‘The Lead Gen Academy’ which would come under marketing strategies for example, I suggested we could use some of the feedback we have been given from both workshops and publicise them to help promote our academy as well as putting it onto our website so people are able to see real reviews being given.

I have also planned to review all of the feedback that was given and put them on a document to then ask for permission from those who gave the feedback to be able to post it publicly.

This morning I completed my small daily jobs of responding back to emails that I had received from over the weekend as well as making boiler calls.

We have had a few boiler bookings come through today but I need to work on doing some advertising to gain more business.

I finalised the guest list for ‘The business expo’ that is taking place tomorrow and sent it over to get the remaining name badges printed off.

I also contacted Agata who deals with all of our printing to see what time our flyers would be ready for collection.

Alan had sent through his invoice yesterday which meant that I needed to go through and double check each job that he had completed had been invoiced and their service certificate had been sent over to them.

There was still a service certificate that I had not received from the last invoice which meant that I had to chase it from our engineer and get it sent over as soon as possible.

In which he sent it over to me straight away for me to then send over to the customer.

Richard had asked me to create a blog for a Landscaping company which will be published on their website. This is because they pay monthly for WP Aid to look after and maintain their website.

I found the thought of this very scary, especially as firstly, I have not been writing blogs for very long and I also know very minimal information about Landscape Gardening, know that I need to know every detail of what it entails.

Before creating the blog, I done some research and looked at some other Landscape websites to gain inspiration as well as their website to see what services they offer.

I created a 360 word blog on why it is important that you take care of your garden and what makes them different as a company and what they offer.

I believe it will probably need slight tweaks in which I should know what changes to make once Richard has proofread it.

He informed me that I will be needing to create these types of blogs for their company a couple of times a month which will go onto their website.

I dealt with various enquiries for ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7’ to ensure everything has been running smoothly and dealing with problems that have occurred. It is crucial when you are dealing with a customer that has a problem, that you are calm and professional.

Lastly before Richard left today he had created a daily plan for me to start using on a daily basis, which will mean that everyday will be more structured. 

Recently I have been completing very  small projects which I have been managing to complete in less time than expected which has meant I have had to ask Richard what task he would like me to complete next.

We have discussed many different things that we should start implementing which will help us to review how each company is progressing daily.

I will start to including some data within my daily blogs such as stats for example:

Stats for LGA-

How many leads today- 0

Event bookings - 4

Boiler Servicing stats

Boiler Serviced today - 5 

Boilers fixed today - 1


Tomorrow we have 'The Business Expo' which will be taking place for the whole day.

Paige x