Day 34 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 28, 2019

Today I have many different tasks to complete, playing catch up as I missed a days work yesterday due to focusing on ‘The Business Expo’.

I had put in most of the business cards yesterday once I had got home from the expo but I still had a few remaining in which I put into the system first thing this morning.

I then got into contact with Jake who was then creating the email that is going to be sent out this morning to ensure it included all the details.

There was many different enquiries from ‘Boiler  Servicing 24-7’ and small tasks that I had to deal with for example, there was people that wanted to reschedule their bookings people chasing invoices which I then created and sent over.

We also had a message from an estate agents who were trying to pay off their invoice back from October but informed me that it kept bouncing, they suspected that they had the wrong card details for us.

I finished off my blog from yesterday and uploaded it alongside Mondays blog that I had completed but not uploaded.

I have still been trying to gain access to our second email that we have for the boiler company but we have been facing many issues regarding it. Jake managed to resolve the issue but I was still unable to access it.

As soon as it allowed me to log into it, there was no data or emails showing which meant that I have been unable to gain access to the information that I need to complete the spreadsheet I had created on Friday.

It is important that I work on this as soon as i gain access to it as our engineer’s diary has started to become more empty which is not ideal. Me and Richard have discussed this afternoon the importance of us starting to do some marketing in order to gain more business.

I have also had  to deal with a customer today who would like to receive a free service as she had work that was promised by the company before going into liquidation and us taking over. 

I created a spreadsheet that contains all of the nice feedback that we have received and we would like to publish soon. I will be getting in contact to gain permission from those that it came from.

Now that the business expo is over it is time to start focusing on our Lead Gen Summit that it taking place in a few weeks.

I have now received the short clip from one of our Keynote Speakers ‘Anthony Stears’ which Jake has edited for us.

I have posted it on all of our social media platforms, as well as our open and closed groups on Facebook that we have for our academy members as well as the open page based around ‘The Summit’.

Today I have been in contact with some of our members who help us out at our events by taking pictures as well as live streaming. One of our members Mike who usually takes charge of live streaming has informed me that he may not be able to make it, meaning we need to look at alternative options.

This is important as he was unable to attend our last event and many members commented that it would have been useful to have live streamed.

My apprenticeship manager is coming in tomorrow for my monthly meeting meaning I am going to be finishing off my coursework as I have had two units to complete this month.

Yesterday at The Business Expo it worked out that we have exactly 50 new leads from the event, with 10 of them coming from a repeat of the SMS opt-in technique at a conversion rate of 25% of the room.

Paige x