Day 35 - Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Feb 28, 2019

I am following up some tasks that I started yesterday as well as some invoices that I have sent out this week which have not been paid.

There was also a company that struggled to pay their invoice and it kept bouncing which meant that I had to re-send them the invoice.

I uploaded yesterday’s blog to Kajabi.

I have been in contact with Jake today in regards to the engineering email account, but we are unsure of what the problem may be which means I am unable to complete the spreadsheet with the details within the second calendar.

It is important that the issue is resolved soon as we need to be gaining more business for ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7’. It is also important that we start to do some marketing so we gain new customers to grow the business.

I have dealt with my daily enquiries and sent out some boiler emails.

I created a spreadsheet yesterday with all of the positive feedback that we have received from our last two workshops which I finished off this morning.

I discussed this with Richard today and I have created an email to go out to those who have given the feedback to request  their permission for us to publish their feedback.

Within the email In will also be including three links for those who would kindly leave their feedback within a review I various different platforms that we have.

I have rearranged a One-to-One meeting that Richard was meant to have this morning but unfortunately the client was unable to attend which meant that I had to rearrange it for a further date.

Today I have learnt how to create a Facebook page as well as a ‘Google my business’ page for ‘Lead Gen Academy’. This is where we will be getting those who have attended our workshops or summit to leave reviews. 

Reviews are so important for marketing purposes.

Once I had created the Facebook page, I uploaded some content and shared it into our close group that we have for our academy members, this is for them to like and leave some reviews on how they feel about the academy.

When I had set up ‘Google My Business’ I had to put the location as Richard’s home address as due to it not allowing me to put ‘The Village’ which is where we are based and hold all of our events. This is because to confirm the account it has to send a postcard on to the address with a code on to be able to start adding content onto it.

Today my apprenticeship manager came in for my monthly visit, so we had a nice catch up and she informed me of the progress that I have made since our last visit and she had also written up an observation that she had done with me which also boosted my progress.

We went through the work that she has set me to do for this month and informed me that on our next visit I will be completing an ICT qualification. This will take me between an hour and an hour and a half to complete.

We have received the final edit today of our ‘Lead Gen Brochure’ which needs to be proofread by myself and Jake so I sent him it over to have a read through.

I got in contact with the lady who deals with all of our printing to see what our outstanding balance is which is what I will let Richard know tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will be asking her to print off our brochure ready for our Summit that is taking place next week!

I have arranged a call between Richard and a potential client that we have that will be potentially joining the academy as well as receiving one-to-one coaching with Richard.

Richard has many One-to-Ones taking place tomorrow and he would like me to start getting into the habit of calling them to confirm that they will be attending the one-to-one’s as well as sending them over a confirmation email over.

All one-to-one’s have been confirmed for tomorrow.

I have created a document with all the actionable feedback that we received from the two previous workshops which we need to take into consideration. 

I thought by creating a document in with all of the improvements that could be made would make it easier and will allow us to write in next to each one some suggestions that myself or Richard may have to resolve the negatives. 

Today I have learnt a few new things which was nice, every day is a learning process!

Jo has set me two different Unit’s as well as some more maths diagnostic tests to complete which I have started this afternoon.

Tomorrow I would like to come up with some strategies to promote ‘Boiler Servicing’ and aim on getting more bookings into the diary.

Paige x