Day 37- Paige's Lead Gen Diary

paige's lead gen diary Mar 05, 2019

This week is going to be a busy week as it is the week of ‘The Lead Gen Summit’. 

I have many small tasks to complete, finalise our room hire and confirm everything that we require has been made clear and confirmed.

I have also now received the activation code for the google business page meaning that I am able to finalise the account and begin to add content.

This morning I responded to all enquiries that we had received for all companies.

I have also emailed ‘The Best Print’ this morning who we use to complete all of our printings for our events.

Today we have created new order forms that will be given out at The Summit for those who would like to become a member or have one-to-one coaching that Richard offers as well as Monthly Mastermind sessions that is going to be one of our main focuses on completing after ‘The Summit’.

We have previously held mastermind sessions and we both felt as though it worked really well.

These are sessions for those that are interested in going over the content that was given at our workshop but in more depth. 

Due to it being a smaller group, more of the information will be understood and it will be discussed within the mastermind how people would be able to implement it to their own business.

It is also a chance for members to create close relationships with other academy members.

I have completed invoicing for Boiler Servicing 24-7, one of which I should have completed a couple of weeks ago but I was not informed of the additional work from our engineer.

I printed off the next two invoices from our engineer which I started today but was unable to finish.

I have also arranged two calls for Richard that are potential leads, which is great!

I am trying to follow the guide of my daily plan that Richard has created for me, so I am closing off all  the work that was done the previous day for boiler servicing as well as gathering feedback.

My internet connection has been dropping out most of today meaning work that I had planned to complete, couldn't be done.

Richard has showed me two new tasks that he would like me to complete for our new website.

I will be including some of the great feedback that we have had from our two previous workshops on our website for people to see as well as some background information of those who were kindly enough to give the feedback.

Me and Richard have had a chat this afternoon of the future plans that we have in order to build both ‘Lead Gen Academy’ and ‘Boiler Servicing 24-7’.

Today I have had to deal with some difficult situations but although they can be more challenging, it is also a learning process.

Although today was a challenge and I was not able to complete as much as work as I hoped for, Tomorrow will be a better day where I will be completing all outstanding tasks.

Tomorrow will be the first day of confirming all attendees to ‘The Lead Gen Summit’ and completing the last part of advertising before it takes place on Thursday.

I will be creating a list onto the spreadsheet that I previously created for the first workshop that I was involved in.

This means I will put their full name and it allows me to put their feedback that they will then give after the summit.

Paige x