Using Power Team's when Networking

business networking Mar 22, 2019

My testimonial to the BNI Farnborough Jets Business 2 Business Power Team - our referral partners!!


A power team is a group of professionals in BNI who work in non-competing, related fields and have developed relationships so they can refer customers and associates to each other.


Ideal referral partners are broken up into two groups: Contact Spheres and Power Teams.


The difference between the two is minor, yet impactful. Your Contact Sphere is all the possible professions you can team up with (who else delivers services Business to Business that we haven't yet got in our Power Team), while your Power Team is the group that you have actually teamed up with (which can still grow by inviting other professions needed).


An easy way to increase our number of referrals is to create relationships with people who, based on their professions, are most likely to pass quality referrals to each other. Our incentive to inviting visitors should have this in the back of...

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