Day 42 & 43 - Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

I have decided to combine both Blogs for Yesterday and today due to completing similar tasks and carrying on completing the follow ups on both days.

My main focus for the majority of the week is to get all jobs finalised as well as double check on that all engineers are still carrying out the work on the day. Especially those that I have organised to complete some work on behalf of us that we have not worked with previously.

We have decided to release one of our engineers, which means that I need to ensure no documents are missing such as certificates and all jobs are getting done.

The only trouble is many engineers who said they are able to complete the work have suggested it would need to be a different date and time that it was originally booked in for.

I have therefore had to get in contact with many customers to rearrange their date and time and then gone back to the engineer to confirm.

Because we have not been using our usual diary until we fix some issues that we are...

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Day 41 - Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

Yesterday was a brilliant day and there was a lot of useful content.

Usually the day after one of our monthly workshops, I will solely focus on getting feedback from all of the attendees as well as a NPS.

Where as today I will be focusing on getting feedback from the attendees but my main focus will be ‘Boiler Service 24-7’. 

We are currently facing some problems which I will be dealing with today as well as following up the enquiries that I received yesterday and this morning.

I have been chasing up a lot of quotes which one of our engineers has not sent over to the customers yet. It is crucial that I get on top of this and not allow it to drag our customer service down due to organisational issues from one of our engineers.

I spent the first part of the morning arranging bookings and getting in contact with those that have various enquiries. 

Our Ninja Jake created a automation system on Active campaign before our last months workshop. He was able to link up...

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Day 40 - Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

Today is the day of ‘Lead Gen Summit’.

I arrived early to help set up and print off the guest list as I was unable to do this yesterday.

I began putting up all the banners that we had for both The Summit and WP Aid as well as some personal one’s that Richard had created.

To print off the guest list, I asked the reception if I could send over the document to their printer to see whether it would work. But unfortunately it did not work which means that the issue is with my laptop rather than the printer.

The lady received a copy of my document to her laptop to say that it was unable to print, which was useful as it meant she was able to open up the document and print it off for me.

I then continued to set up, there was also a few people that had turned up early so we directed them to the refreshments lounge.

Richard was also flapping as his memory stick had died which held his presentation on for the summit which meant that he was busy trying to solve that problem...

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Day 39- Paige’s Lead Gen Diary

Today my main focus is getting everything wrapped up and finalised for tomorrow’s Lead Gen Summit as well as working on boiler servicing enquiries, chasing quotes and bookings.

I always spend my first part of the morning answering all enquiries for both companies and communicating with our engineer to get quotes as well as book in recalls.

I have also completed more phone calls to confirm attendees as well as sending out emails to those who I have been unable to contact, so when they are available they will respond throughout the day.

It is also useful as many guests who are unable to attend have been able to email me throughout these past couple of days that I have sent emails out to say if they are unable to attend, especially those that were planning on attending but unfortunately last minute they are unable to attend due to various reasons.

Whilst completing the emails and phone calls, I have had many guests confirm that they will be attending which is great!

I attempted...

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